Laying of road routes around the World

Get directions by car

This service enables you to quickly lay on the route map between any cities
In Russia and Abroad.

Plotter route useful for anyone who travels by car — truckers,
travelers, clients and managers of the companies engaged in cargo transportation.

What is the distance calculator on

You look through what will be a route, will be able to decide in advance
a place to sleep.

You will see the estimated fuel consumption for the whole trip and will be able to evaluate financial

You will learn how much time spend on the road.

How to make a route by car?

First you need to specify the start and end points of the route. In the calculator
calculation there are two fields — «city from» and «where the city». Enter in the appropriate fields
the names of the cities.

In the «fuel consumption» enter the appropriate feature of your car
(liters per 100 kilometers). In the «fuel price» — the average price of gasoline,
you refuel your car.

These data are needed to calculate the total cost of fuel for the whole trip.

In the tab «additional settings for calculating the distance» you can specify more
multiple conditions:

— «Detour countries» — not to plot a route through the territory of these countries.
Feature is especially useful for international transportation. Allows not to call
on the territory of countries with a visa regime and to avoid customs inspections.

— «Bypass towns» — do not plot a route through the territory of these
cities. If you don’t want to drive through a city, type its name in
this field.

— «Detour routes» — to exclude from the calculation specified route.

— «Through the city» — function allows you to execute a route after a certain
the town or city, even if they lie outside the shortest path.

— «Road speed» — there are 4 types of roads — territorial,
regional, highway, highway. You can exclude one
or several types.

The route by car is done in one of two modes:

— the shortest route — minimal distance from one city to another;

— fastest route — the minimum travel time (considering only
high-speed rail lines).

After you have set all the conditions, press the «calculate»button.

Appeared on the map route marked with a thick red line, and all lying on
the city with red markers.

The results of the calculations are presented in the form of a table stating the length of stay, time in
the trip, total fuel consumption and the amount at which the fuel will cost.

Also the table contains a list of all cities through which the calculated route,
the division between the region and the country.

The results can be print out and take with you on the go instead
Atlas. If your car has the ability to access the Internet (for example, through
satellite or cellular), you’ll be able to check my route and adjust it to
depending on the circumstances.

Note that in the calculations used averaged data. So
results are only approximate values and not exact figures.